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The Gut-Brain Connection: How Diet Shapes Your Dog’s behavior

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Meat, bone, and offal aren’t just essential for your dog’s physical health; they play a crucial role in mental well-being and behavior too. The key lies in your dog’s gut, often an overlooked organ with significant impacts on mood and behavior. A healthy gut is home to beneficial bacteria and chemicals vital for energy, mood, happiness, motivation, contentment, and trainability.

The gut’s influence on mood places diet at the forefront of behavioral considerations, earning it the nickname of the second brain. The rise of commercial processed kibble has brought about a surge in behavioral problems, emphasizing the profound impact of your dog’s food on their mood, feelings, and actions.

Here’s how a kibble-based diet can affect your dog’s behavior:

  1. High Carbohydrate Content: Kibble often contains excessive amounts of carbohydrates, a departure from a dog’s natural diet. The high-temperature processing and the resulting dry, cooked pieces are contrary to what dogs are designed to eat.
  2. Digestive System Impact: While dogs can adapt to scavenging, relying on carbohydrates long-term isn’t optimal. The digestive system faces challenges with kibble, causing it to become lazy and oversensitive. The lack of moisture and pre-processing means the stomach doesn’t fill or stretch as intended, affecting the functioning of the stomach lining folds (rugae).
  3. Reduced Stomach Acid: Pre-processed kibble leads to lower stomach acid levels, raising the body’s pH and weakening the gut. This weakened state can result in a damaged epithelium, potentially leading to a leaky gut and the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Feeding your dog a fresh diet actively engages the gut, promoting optimal health and addressing these concerns. Incorporating raw feeding into a behaviour modification program can yield remarkable success by aligning with your dog’s natural dietary needs. Choose a diet that not only nourishes the body but also supports a happy and well-behaved furry friend.

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