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Doggy chef really go the extra mile with preparation of the meals and ensuring delivery goes out with clear communication. My dogs always enjoyed the food and were happy. Would definitely use doggy chef again

Szymon Welgus

Loving this dog meals to being fresh and affordable, my dog eats everything so quickly, have no doubt he enjoys every bits. It also has biodegradable option packaging that makes me super happy and exited about this product.

Marga Ola

COVID-19 | Stay informed

Doggy Chef is operating as normal based on our current lock-down level. For official updates on COVID-19, please visit the SA Department of Health's website for updates at


  1. Contactless Delivery and / or Collection from us;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands on a regular basis;
  4. Keep at least one and a half metre distance from others;
  5. Open windows in crowded places and in your vehicle;
  6. Do everything possible outdoors!
  7. Avoid crowded spaces;
  8. Be quick when you are out for necessary work or errands;
  9. Stay at home as far as possible - we deliver across the province of Gauteng - see our schedule.
SA Department of Health