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Doggy Chef Cooler Bag

Just because all the kewl dogs want their own cooler bag sometimes!


Venison Calcistix Treats

Doggy Chef Calcistix treats are made with 50% Venison Game muscle meat and 50% ground up bone. A great alternative to feeding bones if you are not a keen bone feeder, but understand that your dog does need natural bone material in his diet. NO fillers, flavour enhances or preservatives. 5/6 sticks per pack.


Raw Food

Raw Food for Cats and Dogs

Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones for Cats and Dogs

Organic Treats

Organic and Natural Treats for Cats and Dogs


Organic and Natural Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Herbs Solutios

Herbals Solutions for Cats and Dogs


Accessories for Cats and Dogs

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