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Venison Calcistix Treats for Cats and Dogs (pcs)

For muggles, masters, nobles, mutts and pups alike, whether coach potatoes or avid athletes and hunters, this pawlicious treat is natural, healthy AND chew-tastic! Doggy Chef Calcistix treats are made with 50% Venison Game muscle meat and 50% ground up bone. A great alternative to feeding bones if you are not a keen bone feeder, but understand that your dog does need natural bone material in his diet. NO fillers, flavour enhances or preservatives.

  • Allergy Care. Hypoallergenic novel protein – help manage those food allergies so common in pets today.
  • Weight Control. Contains no weight inducing ingredients.
  • Organic. Sustainable – not farm raised, free range meat.
Cat and Dog Treats
  • Applicable to all life stages
  • Applicable to all breeds
  • Packing Size: 5/6 sticks per pack.
  • The finest South African venison.

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