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Dried Venison Liver Treats: The Healthiest and Tastiest Treat Around! 500gr

For muggles, masters, nobles, mutts, and pups alike, whether coach potatoes or avid athletes and hunters, our pawlicious natural treat is healthy and nutrient-dense. Our dried venison liver treats are the healthiest and tastiest treats around!

Venison liver is one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin A of any food, which is essential for a healthy and happy dog. It also contains high amounts of iron, which helps transport oxygen to blood cells and forms haemoglobin. This helps to keep your dog’s blood healthy and oxygenated. Additionally, venison liver is a great source of vitamin D, which supports bone and muscle health, as well as helping to protect against cancers. It also contains B-vitamins which support cognitive health and nerve function. When compared to muscle meat gram for gram, liver packs many more times the vitamins and nutrients.

Our hypoallergenic novel protein helps manage those food allergies so common in pets today. Our dried venison liver treats contain no weight-inducing ingredients, making it perfect for pets who need to manage their weight. Our venison is sourced from the finest South African free-range meat, making it organic and sustainable.

Our product is applicable to all life stages and breeds, making it a versatile choice for pet owners. Please note that this is a 500gr pack of dried venison liver treats.

So why not give your furry friend the healthiest and tastiest treat around with Doggy Chef dried venison liver treats? They’ll love you for it!

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