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Beef with Chicken (No Veg) Meat Balls for Cats and Dogs, 1kg

Introduce your feline and canine companions to the pawlicious taste of our frozen raw Buster Beef with Chicken Offal Meat Balls raw food for cats and dogs. Specially designed as a complementary and biologically appropriate raw food, our premium offering ensures a safe and high-quality product that exceeds your expectations, without busting the budget!

This is a frozen product that is easy to store and use. Each 1kg pack of our meal packs contain 40 x 25gr meatballs and convenient to portioned by pet parents, making feeding a breeze. Whether you have muggles, masters, nobles, mutts, or pups, our pawlicious food caters to all furry friends, from couch potatoes to avid athletes and hunters. It’s the perfect choice for natural, healthy, and nutrient-dense sustenance.

Packed with real, natural ingredients, our raw meat offering is a direct source of bio-available amino acids, providing a healthy dose of protein for your pets. The nutrient density of raw meat supplies ample healthy fats, including essential omega-3, which are vital for the well-being of cats and dogs.

Our commitment to holistic nutrition means that your pets receive real nutrients from our raw meat, including vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients like selenium, iron, niacin, and naturally rich taurine. With no weight-inducing ingredients, our raw meat diet supports weight control for your furry friends.

Perfectly suitable for all life stages and breeds, our frozen raw dog and cat food ensures a comprehensive and balanced diet for your beloved companions. Each pack contains a carefully formulated ratio: 33% muscle meat, 17% organ meat and organ, and 50% ground bone, ensuring a nourishing blend that promotes optimal health.

Indulge your pets with the best that nature has to offer. Try our frozen raw pawlicious Buster Beef with Chicken Offal Meat Balls today!

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