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Safe-Handling Instructions for your DoggyChef Pet Cuisine

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Common Sense Must Prevail When Handling Raw Meat

You do this all the time when you prepare a meal for the family. After handling your DoggyChef raw food for cats and dogs, do wash your hands before eating your own food. Sterilize any knives, surfaces or utensils used in the preparation or handling of your pets’ raw food.

Stainless Steel Bowls for Dogs (Image Credit: Rogz South Africa)
Stainless Steel Bowls for Cats (Image Credit: Rogz South Africa)


At DoggyChef, we recommend using a stainless (for dogs and cats) steel, ceramic or glass dish, which is washed thoroughly with soap and hot water after every meal. Discard any uneaten food and store raw pet food in such a way it does not contaminate human food:

  • Your DoggyChef frozen raw meal packs are NOT for human consumption, clearly separate thawed food in your fridge;
  • Most frozen meals contain ground bone which should not be ingested by humans under any circumstances;
  • Practice safe handling of raw meat on all surfaces and utensils used for serving and feeding;
  • Wash all surfaces, bowls, utensils, and hands thoroughly in hot, soapy water when finished handling and use the same care when cleaning up your pets’ waste.

By always following normal safe meat-handling procedures with all raw animal products, you’ll virtually eliminate the risk of illness for your pet and your family.