Are There Best Practices for Thawing?

DoggyChef Best Practices for Thawing Raw Food for Cats and Dogs

Feeding your fur kids is a partnership between you and us! We only source the best for them, prepare the meals under strict conditions, ensure that the meals stay frozen and are delivered frozen to you. As part of this partnership, you need to employ basic best practices for thawing and feeding. To ensure a successful long-term raw feeding regiments for you and your pets, we recommend following these safe-handling instructions.

  • Use a glass or pyrex bowl to thaw your DoggyChef meals.
  • It is best to thaw inside your refrigerator, so allow 24 hours to defrost.
  • Once thawed completely, make sure the meals are used within 2 to 3 days, whilst being store in the refrigerator.
  • Carefully wash the bowl, or plate, or storage container, with hot soapy water before use.
  • If you have thawed the meal completely, please do not leave it out at room temperature after it has thawed.

Thawing Tips

  • Place the DoggyChef meals on a plate or in a glass container when thawing. Don’t want leaky things standing around.
  • Thaw the meals in the refrigerator. If you are not making use of our portioned meal service, once it is soft enough to handle (there should still be ice crystals in the centre of the meat), immediately portion it out and re-freeze.
  • Sometimes we get distracted in our daily routines, so if you need to thaw the meal quickly, thaw on the counter top on a plate or container, or inside of the kitchen basin with some warm water. Using this method of thawing does mean that you have to use all of the meals in the same day.
  • Do NOT use a microwave to thaw.