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Monthly Food Subscription Service for Cats and Dogs

DoggyChef offers two service offerings for monthly subscribers based in Gauteng. Our (a) personalisation service requires a formal quote and profiling data for your pets. Based on this data, we then create custom sized meals for your pack. You can read more about our personalisation service here. We call this offering AutoPilot+. Alternatively, if you know what you want, you can (b) select this SKU to be included in your order, and we will then contact you to setup a non-binding monthly delivery based on the order you attached this SKU to. We call this offering AutoPilot.

Service Offering
  • Personalisation Services (AutoPilot+) – custom sized meals per pet, delivered based on your subscription schedule.
  • Standard Order Subscription (AutoPilot) – non-binding monthly delivery based on the order you attach this SKU to.


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