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Real Nutrition from DoggyChef for your Mutts, Pups and Nobles

top-rated real and raw food for dogs

Doggy Chef makes it easier than ever to ensure your dogs and cats are receiving healthy and delicious meals, individually prepared for each dog, big or small. You never have to worry about over or under-feeding, or buying flavor enhancers for your mutts, pups, nobles, masters or muggles, our meals are biologically appropriate , super delicious and made from only the freshest ingredients.

organic and free range

Feeding a raw diet is very beneficial to your mutts, pups, nobles, masters or muggles, after only a few months you will see noticeable differences, they will have better mobility, higher energy levels and their skin, coat & teeth will look healthier than ever.

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Our Personalised Real Food Service is a convenient way to give your mutts, pups and nobles the food they deserve. Our raw ingredients are portioned into individual, pre-portioned meals that come individually packed and ready to thaw and serve when you need them. It’s a healthy, tasty alternative to the same old kibble! No Mess, No Fuzz!

Your Kids' Nutritional Needs In Safe Hands

If you’ve been looking for a better way to feed your mutts, pups and nobles, look no further than DoggyChef. Our real food personalised service is the perfect solution for all of your Doggos’ and Catto’s culinary needs. We offer FREE RANGE, fresh raw food that comes in individually pre-portioned packages that are easy to thaw and serve, deep frozen for storage. We also have a variety of registered meals available for dogs with different dietary needs. You won’t find any processed ingredients or artificial preservatives here!

We offer a month to month no lock-in service for you and your fur kids. We will provide you with a proposal, based on your packs’ profile, and you can cancel at any point in time. With your monthly meal pack, you’ll also get a FREE bag of fresh meaty bones and a FREE bag of 100% natural Doggy Droë Wors treats to keep those canine whites clean and tartar free. Simply share your mutts and pups unique characteristics by filling out our online form. We will then send you an obligation free quote. Should you then wish to go ahead with our personalised service offering, this is how it works:
  1. All meals are freshly packed and labelled into individual portion sizes relevant for each dog. We rotate the meal plans for you. This takes the hassle out of you having to choose and gives your dogs a variety in meals. Just Thaw and Serve!
  2. Please allow 1 (one) week for your first delivery of DoggyChef meals, thereafter, your order will be placed into our monthly delivery schedule, saving you the stress and hassle of having to place an order every month.
  3. Should you ever wish to cancel, you simply need to give us a weeks’ notice as all our meals are packed individually for each client.

Yes, indeed you can! At Doggy Chef we offer all of the formulas online in standard 1 kilogram and 500 gram packs as well. Checkout our Online Store!

YES, indeed they are! No need for mess or fuzz. Doggy Chef’s Choice venison and chicken-based frozen meals for dogs is a truly premium, fully balanced and complete prepared raw meal. Approved by DAFF and our #1 seller at Doggy Chef. Ingredients include: South Africa’s finest FREE RANGE Game muscle meat, FREE RANGE Game organ meat, FREE RANGE chicken, bone meal, Venison green tripe, Krill, seasonal vegetables, calcium phosphate, limestone, and DAFF approved vitamin and mineral mix. Registration #: V31015 Act 36 of 1947

Dogs and cats are carnivores, eaters of raw meat. Their systems are designed to extract protein and nutrients from meat in its naturally raw state. Dogs and cats have no use for corn, wheat, soy, rice or grain, which is the base ingredient used for most dry and canned foods, even the “healthiest” brands. Feeding dogs and cats carbohydrates that they cannot utilize, frequently leads to health problems. Furthermore, once meat is heated, during the canning or pelletizing process, much of the nutritional quality is lost.

Humans could eat fast food everyday for our whole life, and we might survive, but we sure wouldn’t be very healthy! It is the same for pets when feeding a kibble or canned diet, they might survive it, but not without health problems.