Doggy Chef is the only raw dog food company in South Africa that that offers pre-measured, tailored made meals delivered right to your door across Gauteng!

Our meals consist of South Africa’s finest free-range game muscle meatfree-range chickenfree-range organ meat (liver, heart, kidney etc.) lamb, bone meal, venison green tripe, fresh fruit and veggies, free-range egg and krill (our meat includes connective tissue, skin, fat). All our meat is 100% natural, with no processing apart from cutting, grinding and mincing. All raw ingredients are fit for human consumption and only sourced from certified suppliers. Our vegetables and fruit we buy fresh from the fresh produce market.

Doggy chef meals are registered and certified with the Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947.

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COVID-19 | Stay informed

Doggy Chef is operating as normal based on our current lock-down level. For official updates on COVID-19, please visit the SA Department of Health's website for updates at


  1. Contactless Delivery and / or Collection from us;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands on a regular basis;
  4. Keep at least one and a half metre distance from others;
  5. Open windows in crowded places and in your vehicle;
  6. Do everything possible outdoors!
  7. Avoid crowded spaces;
  8. Be quick when you are out for necessary work or errands;
  9. Stay at home as far as possible - we deliver across the province of Gauteng - see our schedule.
SA Department of Health