Free Range Chicken Carcass Chunks

Free range South African raised chickens chunks free from Antibiotics and added hormones. These fully edible bones can be uses as a meal or fed as a treat. They are a natural source of protein, calcium, amino and essential fatty acids. Also great for teeth cleaning. Bones should always be fed under human supervision.



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Doggy Chef Free Range Chicken Carcass Chunks

Doggy Chefs Free Range raw chicken carcass chunks come from human-grade quality chicken and are packed full of essential nutrition for healthy cats and dogs. Chicken carcass chunks are a great choice for providing your pets with occasional treats, rewards and meal replacement options. The protein in chicken carcass chunks will keep your dog naturally energized, while the calcium in the bones will help nourish their teeth and gums. Our chicken carcass chunks are 100% natural, frozen chicken meat and bone, free from fillers, additives and preservatives, which means they are biologically appropriate and easily digestible for optimal health and wellbeing.


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